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Creating a contest and marketing your company’s products or services is very simple. Just choose the number of video views you want, which will be equal to the number of people who will be able to sign up for the contest. Input your contest name, description, and upload an image of the prize, then provide a link to the video you want to play when someone signs up to enter your contest, and we’ll do the rest. A block is equal to 1000 views of your video. The more blocks you buy, the less each block costs.

1 to 4 blocks : $150 each
5 to 9 blocks: $135 each (SAVE 10%!)
10 to 19 blocks: $127.50 each (SAVE 15%!)
20 to 29 blocks: $120 each (SAVE 20%!)
30 or more blocks: $112.50 each (SAVE 25%!)

NOTE: Quantity discount will be shown on next page in cart

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You can upload up to 5 images of the prize in jpg, jpeg, png or gif format.
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